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Drop Everything

There will come a time in every young surfers life when he has to start missing Swells for work, birthdays parties or hangovers. But there are days (especially during a wave drought) were you have to “just get to the…

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Jawdropping views of cozy homes built in an abandoned office tower, a lagoon, a recycling heap and more

Originally posted on TED Blog:
In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, nearly 70 percent of the population lives in slums that appear to drape like silk over every hill of the city. [ted_talkteaser id=1846]Iwan Baan is not as interested in…

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Elvis Towers

A new apartment building is going up and Jakarta and offered for sale. Can you imagine living in such a wonderful places Elvis tower. At least to be easy for your friends to find the place because I’m sure there … Continue reading

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