Protests continue to dismiss Christian subdistrict head in South Jakarta

Indonesia follows Pancasila, a Socio Political Philosophy that respects all religions. What happened here in Lenteng Agung, or in Bekasi, or in Bogor?


Ahok says Gamawan should
learn the Constitution
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Jakarta | Fri, September 27 2013, 4:08 PM
Jakarta News

Deputy Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama says Home Minister Gamawan Fauzi should study the Constitution in response to the minister’s suggestion that Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo should consider replacing Lenteng Agung subdistrict head Susan Jasmine Zulkifli after a series of local protests.

“This is a Pancasila-based country and we are appointing an official based on merit and not bowing down to people pressures or rejection. Thus, the minister should learn more about the constitution,” Ahok said on the sidelines of the Flood Anticipation briefing held at the National Monument on Friday as quoted by

He then explained that using the minister’s suggestion would jeopardize the merit system he and the governor were trying to implement within the city administration.

“Subdistrict head Susan is leading a region with 55,000 residents, way above the number of protesters who want her out. Besides, we found that most of the protesters held Depok ID cards instead of Jakarta,” he said.

Gamawan previously asked Jokowi to consider replacing Lenteng Agung subdistrict head Susan as requested by the protesters. These protesters wanted her out from office simply because she was a Christian.(apt/dic)

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Jakarta | Wed, September 25 2013, 2:14 PM
The rejection by local Muslim residents of the head of the Lenteng Agung subdistrict in South Jakarta continues, with some 700 people taking to the streets on Wednesday calling for the dismissal of the Christian subdistrict head.

Locals from Lenteng Agung demanded that the Jakarta administration dismiss their newly installed subdistrict head, Susan Jasmine Zulkifli, 43, simply because she was a Christian, not a Muslim like the majority of residents.

Spokesman for the Lenteng Agung Residents Forum, Mochamad Rusli, said that Wednesday’s demonstration was larger than one held previously, in which only around 300 people protested in front of the subdistrict office.

“Today, we held a long march [rather than just standing in front of the subdistrict office],” Rusli said as quoted by on Wednesday.

He said that during the march, protesters carried a coffin that he said “depicted the death of democracy”. He added that the Jakarta administration had yet to respond to Wednesday’s protest.

Jakarta Governor Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo previously said he would not move Susan, despite the demands by some residents for her dismissal.

The governor emphasized the fact that he installed district and subdistrict leaders based on their abilities and achievements and that, as a result, he would not be bowing to local pressure.

Susan was among the 415 local leaders inaugurated in June by Jokowi after passing a series of tests in an open-call selection. (hrl)


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