Google street view car crash in Bogor, Really?


Did it crash and run?

Did it crash and run?

google street view Bogor


From the news sites, we see many reports of the Google Streetview Camera Car, that maybe crashed into a bus, another bus and a truck.

I would like to add some insight in to driving in Bogor, and crashes with buses (not specifically this case, but my personal experiences.

First the there are many kind of buses in Bogor, from the micro bus (called Angkot), to the mini bus (Antar Kota), local buses, tourist buses, etc., and the Damri bus that goes to the airport of Jakarta.

The bus drivers mostly are very aggressive in chasing passengers, as they earn based on the income they make in excess of the basic bus rental fee, and gasoline.

I have personally been involved in 3 accidents in Bogor (the traffic sucks) and all were with buses, and they all ran away from the accident. I would give the benefit of the doubt to the google car, and expect that the accident was caused by the bus, and the running away was done by the bus, and maybe the google car was trying to chase them down.

Just my two cents.










Packed Minibus Careens Over Cliff in Bogor as Brakes Give
By Vento Saudale on 1:34 pm September 19, 2013.
Category News
Tags: Bogor, bus accidents, Indonesia traffic accidents
Bogor. An overcrowded Karawang Indah minibus transporting pilgrims from a holy site on Mount Cikundul, in Cianjur, West Java, careened off a cliff Wednesday night, killing two and injuring dozens, police said.

A woman named Oom, 40, and her 4-year-old grandson Alfiansyah died in the accident. Twenty-eight others suffered injuries, Adj. Cmr. Muhammad Chaniago, Head of Bogor Traffic Police, said.

The minibus was returning to the Babakan madang sub-district after transporting the pilgrims to the tomb of R. Aria Wira Tanu bin Aria Wangsa Goparana, a popular holy site for some Sundanese Muslims. Aria, also known as Dalem Cikundul, was a member of a Sundanese royal family, and was credited as spreading Islam throughout Cianjur while serving as its first district head.

The 47 pilgrims had visited the site and were returning home Wednesday evening when the driver lost control of the overcrowded bus. The vehicle struggled to climb the steep cliff in Tanjungsari and began rolling backwards when the brakes failed. The bus then rolled over the side of a 15-meter-tall cliff, police said.

One of the survivors said passengers were standing in the aisle of the packed bus.

“On the ride home I fell asleep,” Omat, 37, said. “I woke up to passengers’ screams and the bus was shaking. When I gained consciousness I was in the hospital.”

Investigators questioned the driver, a man named Muhidin, as a witness in their report.

The injured were transported to the Cibinong Regional Hospital and the Red-Cross Hospital in Bogor for treatment.


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