Surabaya teen pimped out sister

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Archipelago | Mon, June 10 2013, 6:00 PMA+

An investigation by the Surabaya police has revealed a 15-year old girl offered not only her friends as escorts for men but also her own older sister.

The procuress, identified only as NA, was arrested along with her sister and two other prostitutes at a hotel in Jl. Darmokali, Surabaya, last week.

“The younger sister was more experienced than the older one,” Surabaya Police spokesman Comr. Suparti said as quoted by on Monday.

NA is a student at a private junior high school in Surabaya. She allegedly ran a prostitution ring consisting of her friends. She offered her services using phones and text messages.

NA priced her friends at between Rp 750,000 (US$75) to Rp 1 million for short-time liaisons with adult men. From each transaction, NA received a fee of Rp 250,000.


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