Palace Discusses Sadahurip ‘Pyramid’ Today Monday, 06 February, 2012 | 18:31 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, BANDUNG:

The State Palace is looking into rumors about a pyramid inside Mt. Lalakon and Mt. Sadahurip in West Java. Those who support and criticize the rumor are scheduled to meet next Monday at the State Secretariat. Mt. Lalakon is located in Soreang, Bandung, while Mt. Sadahurip is in Pangatikan, Garut. Indonesian Geologist Association executive, Sujatmiko, said they were asked to present their findings at the meeting. He denied there was a pyramid based on geological studies. “The controversy has upset many people,” he said in Bandung last Friday. Rumors about the pyramid first emerged in 2011. According to Sujatmiko, the Turangga Seta Foundation initially attempted to prove the claims based on divine inspirations from ancestors. To support the assumption, they invited leading experts to conduct geo-electricity research. The claim was supported by a group called the Prehistoric Catastrophic Disaster Team. The team, said Sujatmiko, was established by presidential special staffers for social and disaster aid. From field research, the team claimed they found a pyramid and entrance door. The building is believed to have been built by prehistoric men in Soreang and Garut.


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