Stop making out at overpasses: Police

Doc says: there are not many places like parks to hang out. So overpass will have to do

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Sat, 01/21/2012 1:26 PM

Jakarta Police have placed posters and signs at overpasses across the city banning the use of road shoulders as dating venues.

“We notice that many road users use the shoulders of roads at overpasses to meet. Motorcyclists, mostly ridden by students, use the places for dating,” said Comr. Susana, head of Jakarta Traffic Police, as quoted by

Susana said the use of the overpass road shoulders had worsened traffic and posed the danger of road accidents, since crowds at overpasses attracted street hawkers peddling goods around the area.

Police have placed posters reading Dilarang Pacaran Disini (No dating here) at overpasses and high schools.

Susana added that the traffic police had launched a campaign at schools to discourage the use of overpasses as rendezvous spots by students.

“We hope through this campaign we can curb rising reports on the use of overpasses as dating venues,” said Susana. (dmr)

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