interesting thing about indonesia

1. First run and premiers of top films are the midnight show

2. In a parking lot or shopping center most of the exit and entrance doors are locked. This always is the case even before bombings

3. No matter what you bought and how good the price you got, a local will always say “hey you paid too much I got a friend or brother that could got cheaper.” Try cutting 50% off any price before reporting to your local friends and the same will always occur

4. Why do we say “masuk angin” and “minum obat” and “makan ikan”

5. How do we give directions based on a moving object like follow that bus

6. Why at the Hypermart do they have examine every item and scan each individually. Seems like hypo market

7. Why on the phone they ask “Dari mana ya”

Doc Turbo


About Stephen Booth

Surface Engineering, HVAF, HVOF, APS Coating technologies expert in Asia
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